the past three years / Split w/ Karate Kids

by dad thighs

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Dave Gracey
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Dave Gracey This CD makes riding the crowded subways in Japan possible for me. Thanks.
mike, still.
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mike, still. some parts remind me of Codeine, some remind me of Old Gray, some remind me of Pill Friends. So into it. Favorite track: Weekday Girl.
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released January 5, 2016


Recorded and mixed at 333 by Chris Merrell and Errol West
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios

Album artwork done by Kurtis Yu / Thank you Victoria Parise for the photograph!

Huge thank you to Alex Ross, who will always be a fellow Dad.

These songs will forever be dedicated to our friend Gary.



all rights reserved


dad thighs Vancouver, British Columbia

dad thighs is an entity of feelings expressed by young adults with a severe case of peter pan syndrome



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Track Name: Mount Pleasant Dream
You're a Kingsway goth
You and all your friends
Show off your tiny badge
As much as you can
We all come from different places
But now we sleep in swampy basements
'Cuz it sucks being twenty one
But it's fun

Feet blister in the summer
'Cuz socks are lame
We all freeze in the winter
These old houses are to blame
But we do it for the fall
And 'cuz we still love it all
'Cuz it sucks being twenty one
But it's fun

Can't believe this is who I've become
Tragedy right here under the sun
Winter comes and I'm so depressed
I can't seem to get myself out of this bed

It still sucks being twenty one
And boys still aren't any fun
But I get payed today so let the weekend start
Grab a sixer of beer and we'll surely get far

We're all in this together
But we all hate each other

But mostly ourselves
Track Name: Weekday Girl
Getting your feet wet
with approaching summer
in pictures of reflective oceans,
a blinding sun,
yet still you whisper,
it's only a picture,
they're only pictures

Twisted, skewed and faded,
the smoke between my mouth
and the summer is late
yet my feel still burn on pavement
leaving me moaning
it's only a whisper,
and the summer is late.

I'm not your weekday girl anymore
No more it's Tuesday night, I'm bored
Let's get some cold shots babe
and do sneak into that park
I can't go all night like before

Trust me when I say I'm bored
I smoke some weed and stare at the floor
We lack that self-control
Let's pick up lots more blow
Fuck work I'll sleep when I'm dead

More dingers tonight in my mixed drink
More dingers tonight in my beer

I'm not your weekday girl anymore
No more it's Tuesday night I'm bored
We lack that self-control
Let's pick up lots more blow
Fuck work I'll sleep when I'm dead
Track Name: Left My Heart In Langley
She says she only likes punk rock bands
That I'm too emo and she hates screamo
And she simply can't
And she broke my heart
But maybe that's the problem

Maybe I'm way too sensitive
Maybe she couldn't find a fuck to give
Here I am thinking that she's the one
Well how can she be when she's no fun
At all

I'm hopeless
You're hopeless
We're all so fucking hopeless
I've been blacking out
To erase you from my memory

Maybe this is the price you pay
When your emotions are so lame
Here I am wishing I was more of a man
Well how can you be when you're so fucking sad
All the time

I'm hopeless
You're hopeless
I'm so fucking black out drunk
We're all so fucking black out drunk
Track Name: Livingstone
Memories written in chalk,
sidewalks that spoke of our desperation
to retrieve the youth that we had left behind
a life we longed to live

With every sip of a bottle passed in circles
our cries slowly formed into song
we became ghosts in our neighbourhood
searching for the spark we had lost.

Now that summer's almost over
Will you remember the hearts that broke?
Now that winter's 'round the corner
Is there time for one last joke?

Remember the make-out?
In the graveyard
And the finger blast
Remember that bottle?
Remember the bottle
Of gin he smashed

After all the breakups
Jobs lost and found
The bottles of wine
And all of the lines
And the times we fought

Remember that noise you made?
And the times we laughed
Who do you think you are?
I am
We were so fucking deppresed

From two jobs
And a nervous breakdown
To unemployed
And an empty bank account
I swear that those days in the park kept me sane
They're the only reason that I can leave here without any shame

Now that summer is almost over
Will you remember the hearts that broke

We were
So fucking depressed
Such a fucking mess
Couldn't find a job
Still relied on mom

And I never want to grow up...