Live at Twin Hollies

by dad thighs

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Acoustic live set performed at Twin Hollies!!


released December 7, 2016

Cereal Box: Brenayin
Cereal Box: Seth
Mastering done by: Seth
Bandcamp background art: Brenayin
J-Card Art: Brenayin
Special thanks to: Brenayin
Especially: Seth

This album couldn't have been made possible without the help of Brenayin and Seth, and from the bottom of our hearts we would to thank Brenayin and Seth.

Also a very special thank you to Evancory for hosting such a wonderful show.



all rights reserved


dad thighs Vancouver, British Columbia

dad thighs is an entity of feelings expressed by young adults with a severe case of peter pan syndrome



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Track Name: Going to the Dump to Watch the Bears parts 1 and 2
Poetic scripts followed
by unfulfilling outcomes,
saved from drowning with a deep breath,
a glass of ice water
swallowed all at once,
intensity spoke calmly,
calamity over and over.

We're laughing but we're not breathing,
we're crying yet feeling nothing but
the dead air of an otherwise
non-existent summer
and the cool breeze off an ocean
spitting pleas of comfort
right back in our face.

If this is love then we have learnt nothing
if this is love then where is life meant to lead us
except in circles,

and I'm pained and I'm dead
and I'm going to bed with wide open eyes again.

I’ll up the anti by two
and risk all I’ve got
for another chance with you

I can spend the whole night
staring at a screen
just so I can brag
that I haven’t cried myself

to sleep
in two whole years
in two whole years

I’ve been obsessing over empty words and dimes
dropping pounds for cigarettes and hoping your really mean it this time

Amidst all the excitement
I still find
to sleep past noon
So how much would you bet
that if I stare
at these words
I can change their meaning

These eyes don’t see the sun like they used to
(There’s nothing left of this teenage heart)
Dreams used to haunt me every night
(Now I pray for nothing else)
Carry me back home in your limp arms
(Show me the youth that I’ve forgotten)
Carry me back home in your limp arms
(Two whole years)
One whole year
(Since I thought of you last)
Two whole years
(I guess we’ll do this again)
Three whole years
(I'll take my chances)
Four whole years
(Since I felt your lips)

I can't say that I've never fantasized about my own funeral and who would be there.
Track Name: The Rain it Raineth
So I found our old haunts
where I never thought I'd be alone,
well I got what I wanted,
how wrong I was to wish such a thing.

Now I escape to those places
to get away from the grey
and the piles of reasons
to stay.

There are better things to do,
more valiant roles to take,
I'd talk to you if only I knew what to say,
it's the chemicals in my brain.
I'm drying up but I'm soaked to the bone.

I'll stand on my rock
wishing to scream
(Leave me alone)
but I'm too fucking pathetic
(I'm all alone)
so I'll choke on my words
and bury my head in the sand.
Track Name: Of Summer
Born in a field of wealth and gold
she didn't know it very well
her brother and father left out in the cold

Fed grass with the pigs and the chickens and so
she sang her sad tune in her suitcase
filled with pictures of gap toothed smiles

She fed her captors three times a day
they honoured her leader with slaps on the back
while her vision grew darker, imprisoned by life's cruel hand

When the war was over they packed up and left
her scars in the kitchen, traumatized but alive

She met a man with dirty lungs
on a bike they road as three
soon after, eleven mouths to feed
the man's lungs gave in
so she got on her knees and cleaned

The children were unloving and ungrateful
they mourned their father with theft and abuse

and so
she fed her captors three times a day
they honoured her leader with slaps on the back
while her vision grew darker, imprisioned by life's cruel hand.

Now she's gone
in a home
in the west
all alone
Track Name: My Favourite Valentine/Sometimes
You were my favourite valentine,
you were my nickel and dime,
you made sense to me,
you were my reasoning,
we'd drive all night to escape my tears,
check the closets for the ghosts that I feared,
I called you up when I lost those jobs,
but we all hate ourselves.

I wish I could have taken you up
on that offer for a ride from the airport,
but the night skies in the east
were bursting with red,
so I thought that everything would be fine
in the morning.
Too caught up in my own anxieties
to notice the western clouds,
I guess we all make mistakes
a laugh is all we’ll ever need,
and at times I still forget to smile.

Airports aren’t the same
when you can’t sit at the bars.
Life is not the same
without you around,

and how I wish I could get over myself
Track Name: Left My Heart in Langley
She says she only likes punk rock bands
That I'm too emo and she hates screamo
And she simply can't
And she broke my heart
But maybe that's the problem

Maybe I'm way too sensitive
Maybe she couldn't find a fuck to give
Here I am thinking that she's the one
Well how can she be when she's no fun
At all

I'm hopeless
You're hopeless
We're all so fucking hopeless
I've been blacking out
To erase you from my memory

Maybe this is the price you pay
When your emotions are so lame
Here I am wishing I was more of a man
Well how can you be when you're so fucking sad
All the time

I'm hopeless
You're hopeless
I'm so fucking black out drunk
We're all so fucking black out drunk